Sacred Twelve Astrology


Brittany has an unparalleled passion for the meanings beyond the surface. A Taurus with the depth of the ocean, she yearns for more, for herself and for all of humanity. Brittany has helped me navigate through the depths of despair, turmoil and excitement consistently pushing me, with support and love, to reach for my innermost dreams. Her dedication to transformation and raising her vibration has been inspiring to say the least. This is a woman, a teacher and coach, who is doing the work, not just preaching it. If there is something inside of you that is begging to come out, a dream that desires to be actualized, your higher self that wants a voice, I highly recommend Brittany and all that she offers. Her wisdom comes from beyond the books, from experience and tapping into source energy. I trust her completely and I hope you give her the chance to join you on your life journey, you will learn so much and grow immensely, I know I have!- K.R.

Brittany’s astrological reading was dead on. Everything she provided in her comprehensive report spoke to my soul and inner knowing. She is truly talented and gifted in what she does. Brittany is a very old soul that embodies truth and wisdom, and she truly creates a safe open space for one to explore their self whether through coaching or giving intuitive readings. What sets Brittany a part from others is that she employs a variety of modalities. The depth and breadth of her knowledge and wisdom is truly outstanding. Her love for humanity and the world is beautiful, and just having the chance to interact with her will make you feel uplifted and more attuned to your own truth. -N.H.


Nine of Pentacles

Te quiero dar las gracias por la lectura del Tarot que hiciste el año pasado. Significó mucho para mí, y te quería dar este dibujo como agradecimiento. Es un dibujo de la carta que leíste. Espero que te guste ¡Muchos saludos y abrazos desde Costa Rica!- C.B.


Translation: I wanted to thank you for the card reading you did for me last year. It meant a lot to me and I wanted to give you this drawing as a token of my appreciation. It is a drawing of the card that you read. I hope you like it. Regards and hugs from Costa Rica!